Counterinsurgency: The Great Goat War –

From the Newsweek International USA:

With helicopters and hunters, the Galapagos  killed of one invander. But 295 remain.

by Jimmy Langmann

 On Isabela Island, the feral goat used to be public enemy No. 1. No creature has done more to sully the pristine ecology of the biggest island of the Galápagos. First introduced by whalers back in the 1700s, a handful of goats migrated over a wide expanse of nearly impassable lava terrain to the northern end of Isabela in the mid-1980s, and by 2000 some 120,000 were tearing up the landscape. The goats overgraze on the same native plants that support the giant tortoise and other species, turning forests into virtual deserts.

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Counterinsurgency: The Great Goat War


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