Ecoventura becomes First Carbon Neutral operation in Galapagos

In 2006, Ecoventura became the first Carbon Neutral operation in Galapagos (and Ecuador).

Carbon emissions from the company’s four yachts (and offices including business travel) are reduced, then offset by a portfolio of projects through US-based company Native Energy Travel Offsets.

Through NETO, Ecoventura is investing in the future of our planet, by bringing corporate travel industry dollars directly to the development of new wind turbines on native lands and other renewable energy sources to help lower global carbon emissions.

In order to reduce emissions, fuel consumption was decreased through reducing cruising speeds from 1350 RPMs to 1150 RPMs.

Then, the total carbon emissions was offset through purchasing credits to benefit construction of the largest Native-American owned wind turbine in South Dakota and a methane digester generator for a 12th generation family dairy farm in Pennsylvania through thermal energy and methane recapture.

In 2007, Ecoventura offset 4435 TONS of CO2 to lower carbon emissions and help global warming.

What is really significant here is that Ecoventura is not waiting for passengers to “opt-in” to an offset program; rather we are paying the full amount for offsets

upfront to ensure the company is carbon neutral. Passengers are also encouraged to offset other portions of their trip and Ecoventura often partners with other sustainable travel providers such as airlines and hotels.

NETO partner Megan Epler Wood notes that owner Santiago Dunn has made Ecoventura one of the most environmentally conscious travel companies in Ecuador, one which is admired by its passengers and travel companies globally.

According to Dunn, the next goal on the horizon for 2008 is to explore alternatives of a hybrid engine that operates with solar panels.

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