Tourism excessively grows in Galapagos…

From eTurboNews (Global Travel Industry News)

Arrival of tourists in Galapagos, located at 1,000 km from continental Ecuador coast, has increased since 1979 when 11,765 tourists: 9,539 foreigners and 2,226 domestic arrived to the archipelago. In 2008, 173,420 persons: 119,952 foreigners and 53,468 Ecuadorians arrived. That is, tourists’ arrival increased 1,472% in three decades.


About Rene

About Ecuador, Galápagos, the Hospitality & Tourism industry, Conservation and personal Tidbits from a Swiss Hôtelier working in Ecuador & Galapagos and committed to supporting and encouraging local youngsters in Education, Sports and Environmental protection via my Foundation "Nova Galápagos."
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