To Tour or Not to Tour—Should An Environmentalist Visit the Galapagos?

by Brian Merchant, Brooklyn, New York
Photo by Pete Oxford

Photo by Pete Oxford

From a die-hard ecologist’s standpoint, the unequivocal answer is simple:


Tourism invites hordes of people to trample over the delicate island ecosystems, the ever-growing industry attracts migrant workers to join an already unsustainable population which combined with the gaggle of visitors usurps the Galapagos’ limited resources. Not to mention the extensive fossil fuel-frying air travel you’ll most likely have to undertake to get here.

And yet—show me a naturalist who claims he wouldn’t love to see firsthand the rampant biodiversity that inspired Darwin, and I’ll show you a flaming-pants liar.

Herein lies our conflict.

An Ideal Galapagos……

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