Galapagos – The Last Tourists to See it Before it Disappears

By: P.Ling on 08 30, 2009

In 1535, Tomás de Berlanga, the Bishop of Panama, accidently discovered the Galápagos Islands. 300 years later, in 1835, 26-year old Charles Darwin landed up in Galápagos, and that led to the ’Origin of the Species.’


But evolution took a deadly turn somewhere in between 1835 and 2009, and now – we’re talking about the last tourists who will bear witness to the extinction of the species in Darwin’s Lab. Tourists visiting Galapagos want to ’see it before it disappears.’

Nothing wrong with wanting to to see prehistoric marine iguanas and monster turtles before they go extinct. But there’s no reason why you should be an accessory to the crime. To achieve this delicate balance, extensive travel planning is required.

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About Ecuador, Galápagos, the Hospitality & Tourism industry, Conservation and personal Tidbits from a Swiss Hôtelier working in Ecuador & Galapagos and committed to supporting and encouraging local youngsters in Education, Sports and Environmental protection via my Foundation "Nova Galápagos."
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