Guardaparques rescatan pasajeros de embarcación siniestrada en Galápagos

La nave se accidentó la madrugada de hoy, con 22 personas a bordo, las cuales fueron rescatadas por la lancha patrullera Guadalupe River.

Imagen del yate siniestrado.  Foto:Cortesía Parque Nacional Galápagos

Imagen del yate siniestrado. Foto:Cortesía Parque Nacional Galápagos

La embarcación turística Cormorant II, de tipo catamarán, con matrícula TN-01-00-226, sufrió una avería en sus máquinas, mientras navegaba cerca a Punta Flores, en el norte de isla Isabela, con 14 pasajeros y 8 tripulantes. Así lo  informaron los tripulantes.

La lancha patrullera Guadalupe River, dotación del Parque Nacional Galápagos, que realizaba relevo del personal de control en la base de Canal Bolívar, en Isabela,  recibió una llamada de auxilio por parte de la nave siniestrada, aproximadamente a las 02:30 de hoy.

Los guardaparques acudieron inmediatamente hasta el sitio y rescataron con éxito a todos los pasajeros y tripulantes,  pero el fuerte oleaje que azota el archipiélago en los últimos días, destruyó totalmente al catamarán y con ello se perdieron todos los enseres, documentos y equipaje que la nave tenía en su interior.

En la Guadalupe River, los guardaparques  brindaron los primeros auxilios a varios pasajeros que presentaron traumatismos leves. Todo el personal rescatado está siendo trasladado hasta el Canal de Itabaca, en Santa Cruz, donde serán recibidos por el operador turístico de la embarcación siniestrada.

Una dotación de la Parque Nacional Galápagos realizará una evaluación  de los posibles daños ambientales, puesto que al momento del accidente, el catamarán contaba con 1 000 galones de combustible en sus tanques de almacenamiento, para que el operador de la nave siniestrada, Ángel Gustavo Villacís, para ejecutar las garantías correspondientes y realicen las medidas de mitigación.

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6 Responses to Guardaparques rescatan pasajeros de embarcación siniestrada en Galápagos

  1. REALLY NOW says:

    The article has many untrueths and is textually what the Galapagos National Park put out as a news bulletin in agreement with the boats operators. The mariner fell asleep at the wheel and drove straight into the island at full cruising speed – on dead flat seas. Thankfully the captain called for help, but nobody deloid the EPIRB until half an hour after the accident and all the passengers were in the tender. Yes the tender because the life boats deploid under the boat … Thankfully the guide managed to get some water and deploy the EPIRB. There wasn’t enough space on the tender for the crew so they stayed aboard the sinking vessel. The tourist had to row the tender out away from the rocks, with their legs overboard as there wasn’t enough space to bail out the water from the overly laden tender. AGAIN it was pure luck that nobody died. This is the 5th boating accident in a year in Galapagos.

  2. dafa says:

    This is far from true. The GNP has no reason to agree with a boat operator, second the person writing this comment does not sign it nor was he on board.

  3. REALLY NOW says:

    Sorry but WRONG! There have been far too many boats run aground in Galapagos since the mariner on duty has fallen asleep and navigated straight into a island – I think the last was Spondelus that hit Genovesa, but then again it could have been one of the others. And it’s not surprising the crew didn’t react due to the poor training they receive just as in the Spondelus incident where the crew abandoned ship first, not even bothering to wake the passengers.

    I stand to be corrected if the conversation between the captain and the captain of the Guadalupe did not involve an agreement as to what happened … or any other facts of the incident!

    Enjoy your next trip and thankyou for blaming the bloke.

  4. REALLY NOW says:

    Ladies and Gentlemen, we have YET ANOTHER one! The Motor Yacht RUMBA sank outside of Puerto Villamil in southern Isabela in the Galapagos Islands. Bringing it to be a new record of 4 sunken tourist boats in Galapagos in ONE YEAR. This time unfortunately there was a fatality, a 68 year old gentleman. And this incident may be described as an accident, due to unusually rough seas. The rescue was a dister, search and organiztion completely unorganized. WHEN are the authorities going to clamp down on safety and security in the islands, soon there’ll be a serious accident with many more casualties.

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