The Galapagos Marathon, Half Marathon and 10K Running Events

GALAPAGOS, ECUADOR — 06/01/10 — “The Come To Galapagos Marathon, La Marathon San Cristobal” (previously named The Flying Tortoise Marathon and Running Events) will be held on San Cristobal, Galapagos, Ecuador August First, 2010 this year.”The Come To Galapagos” Marathon, Half Marathon and 10K are international sporting events dedicated to the protection of these islands, the education of visitors and the development of ecologically sustainable economies here in the Galapagos.

Supported by the local government, police, the National Army, The Charles Darwin Foundation, The Galapagos National Park, Ingala and various private companies, the Marathon and running events are integral parts in our efforts to develop sustainable, independent, truly eco responsible economic practices that unify the various government institutions and the community. For environmental reasons the maximum number of runners will be limited to 250.

Although a “boutique” event, it is managed and promoted in a first class manner, garners worldwide attention and insures publicity for sponsors, the future of the event and provides an annual direct economic boost to the community while maintaining ecologically sound practices (runners leave only footprints).

Come To Galapagos CIA. LTDA, Ecuador, and Come To Galapagos LLC, United States, ( have been leaders in developing sustainable economic practices in the Galapagos since 2004. Working with local fisherman, farmers, hotels, restaurants and other services, Come To Galapagos LLC and Come To Galapagos CIA. LTDA provides community based vacations for international visitors that are unsurpassed both in the experience of the Galapagos and education of the visitors concerning the reality of the Galapagos today.

For the three races, Marathon, Half Marathon and a 10K there are aid stations every two kilometers and Extreme Sporting Events EMT’s monitoring the runners and courses.

We have done everything possible to design a course primarily with the health of the runners in mind and secondly that is an interesting and scenic route.

Come to the Galapagos, run and help the future of these islands.

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About Ecuador, Galápagos, the Hospitality & Tourism industry, Conservation and personal Tidbits from a Swiss Hôtelier working in Ecuador & Galapagos and committed to supporting and encouraging local youngsters in Education, Sports and Environmental protection via my Foundation "Nova Galápagos."
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