About Us

Dear Friends,

After working worldwide in the Hospitality and Cruising Industry for over 35 years, inclusive over 5 years in Galapagos,  I have decided together with my Wife Sue to settle down in Ecuador. My upcoming 60th has propelled me towards new projects and I’ve started several blogs to share the various projects I am involved in and news related to my industry with special emphasis on Ecuador and Galápagos.

With my wife Sue working hard on our projects

It will also include articles, texts and pics about all kinds of subjects which I believe will be interesting and educational, such as the Hospitality & Tourism Industry en general, my Foundation Nova Galapagos,

Environment, Nature, Animals, People, Culture and Food as well as some strange, funny, or just plain odd “stuff” I pick up while surfing the net.

I will be commenting on and recommending hotels, restaurants and related businesses, with the impartial eye of a hotelier, which some travelers may find interesting and helpful when visiting Ecuador and other countries.

Thank you for reading and I hope to see you around!

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