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Galapagos : How Darwin’s Finches Keep Their Species Separate

The shifting songs of Darwin’s finches have given new insight into processes that shape the course of evolution, preventing newly forked branches on life’s tree from growing back together. Even though it’s biologically possible for Geospiza fortis and Geospiza scandens … Continue reading

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Newly Goat-Free, a Galapagos Island Awaits a Finch Renaissance

By Dan Shapley When Charles Darwin first came upon the Galapagos Islands, he wasn’t as impressed with the diversity of bird life he found there as is widely believed. It was later, at home, that his observations of the beaks … Continue reading

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Galapagos – Desperate bid to save finches that changed the world

By Mike McCarthy, Environment Editor Monday, 29 June 2009 British conservationists are to launch an ambitious project to safeguard the future of a colony of Galapagos finches which inspired Charles Darwin to formulate his radical theory of evolution. There are … Continue reading

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